Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed!

Lets have a look at some everyday products that you purchase and see what is really going on. Ever wonder why you cannot lose weight, wonder why you have allergies, wonder why you have a bloated/pot belly, wonder why you have skin problems, wonder why you are finding it difficult to conceive, wonder why your are infertile/impotent, wonder why you are losing your hair and cannot get it to grow, wonder why you have other bodily issues which have been a nagging problem for you to solve for months even years. The truth behind these problems and the root culprits are exposed in these 2 short clips:

These frankenfoods and chemicals are widespread also in Europe, not just the United States. It is time to get off the grid and become as self sufficient as you can. If you have a garden, why not try out growing a few vegetables and fruits if you haven’t already and compare the taste and quality with store bought counterparts or start buying local organically produced fruits and vegetables from your local farmer’s market. Your life is worth the changes.

5 thoughts on “Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed!

    • Believe me brother, they are. Even more disturbing, whenever the Edomite Illuminati powers sacrifice children on their Satanic holidays to their Gods, the children’s dead bodies are put through meat grinders in factories and in turn mixed into a lot of the meat products we consume like burgers, ground meat, sausages you name it. And don’t think the vegetables are safe either, they utilize a lot cloning and hybridization technology to mess with our foods. This ties in hand in hand with Ezekiel 4:13 where it talks about Israel will be eating defiled foods in the lands of the gentiles.

      Another thing, is a lot of our people like to eat Chinese takeout, and a lot of these meats have horse, dog, cat and rat meat in them that they like to market as pork, beef and chicken. If you live in the Caribbean, the best option you have is to buy local, and plant your own foods and stop buying US made foods. Cook with olive oil and butter if possible.


  1. coconut oil? I’m not so sure about that. One of my aunts who was a nurse for years told me that it’s very high in cholesterol and that it’s not good for you. I’ve never tried it personally though but I’ve just taken her word for it.


    • Yanni,

      This whole business about cholesterol being bad for the body is pure propaganda. There are many different parts of the body which require cholesterol to function, your heart and your brain for starters.

      Its no coincidence that more people are suffering from heart attacks and strokes, they are not getting enough cholesterol in their diet. The Lipid hypothesis has been thoroughly refuted and debunked as nonsense, do the research for yourself.


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