Terms And Conditions, What They REALLY Mean – Part 2!

Let us continue to look at more words, terms, phrases and slogans and see how they not only can alter your perception and thought process but also your behaviour aswell:

EQUALITY/FAIRNESS – The idea with these 2 words is to give you the IMPRESSION that equality and fairness exist, nothing more. Remember, an “impression” can mean to make a mark on something but the mark is not the object that made it, it is merely the silhouette of that object. It is in this same fashion that these 2 words alone can leave you with the IMPRESSION that all is fair and balanced. In reality this is far from the truth. Think about all the times that you have said ” I thought” or “I was under the impression”. Looking at the world shows you this clearly. For example since when is it fair for 1st world countries to dictate to 3rd world nations who they can buy from and sell to? I’m sure from this sentence you have now figured out that this whole “FAIRtrade” fiasco is exactly that. Since when is it fair and equal for 1st world countries to mine for precious minerals in 3rd world countries enriching themselves, however the country’s people are left in absolute poverty and destitution? Since when is it equal for immigrants to step into another country and receive more benefits and welfare than the natives to that country? The illusion that things are fair is kept in place for as long as it is needed, however you will soon see this illusion taken down when the new world order/martial law system comes fully into effect. Equality never has existed, one nation has always been over another. Under this current world system this will never change. Never be fooled and swayed by the words, always look at the actions to determine what conclusion you draw.

RISK ASSESSMENT – Is it cheaper to put in place a safe system or is it cheaper to pay people out via compensation if the system were to fail and cause injuries or fatalities? This is the true meaning of this term especially when it comes down to infrastructure and employment. If it comes down to a cheaper cost compensating people in the event of a disaster, companies will take that “risk” and have you travel, operate in or interact within a dangerous environment just to save them that extra buck. People should never be deceived, big companies never care about their employees or customers, they only care about money and profits. You are an employee, you can be replaced, you are a fatality, your family can be compensated however the money train will roll on without you, you will not be missed. Risk assessments in effect put your life at risk and on the line.

PROFESSIONAL/PROFESSIONALISM – These 2 terms in today’s world mean that you have a back of bricks and can take  abuse of what ever kind and not become emotional and express your disapproval at what is being given to you. The real word that should be used here is domestication. This is another key example of how words can not only alter your perception but also change your behaviour. It is natural to show opposition to actions aimed in your direction that are clearly wrong. It is not natural and right to stand down and take rubbish thrown in your direction. The laying down is part of your domesticated state having been raised in the west on “their values” and constitutes. Being “emotional” is another term also used to cause alterations in behaviour and cause people to accept actions against them that they normally would have stood against and shown serious disapproval to. Being a professional used to mean doing what you do(normally work related)to the best of your ability. Regrettably today however, some new strings and attachments have been added to these terms.

GOALS/TARGETS – These 2 words are most commonly used to give you the IMPRESSION/illusion that somehow you are deeply involved in what is being propagated, that you will somehow reap some benefits/reward when the so called targets/goals are reached, that somehow you are being given the full picture as to what is occurring. Do not deceive yourself for a second, you are and will only be the TOOL used in order to achieve the goals/targets desired by the propagators. You will receive absolutely no major benefits or huge rewards for helping the proselytes achieve “their” goal bar being a shareholder in the scheme of things. Company employers very often will  use these terms in meetings to whip up enthusiasm(well at least try to) amongst employees, thus deceiving them and making them believe that they are “part of the team”. Remember, in whatever situation that these terms are mentioned, you will be expected to do all of the work, the propagators/proselytes will do absolutely nothing, sit back, watch you carry out the work and heap up the riches/rewards at the finale for themselves. Whenever you hear these terms, just think of a tub of vaseline to remind yourself of what is really occurring.

CLIMATE CHANGE – Remember beforehand the term was global warming until real information surfaced that showed that the earth has been cooling down for at least the last 10-15 years. Scientific research brought forward has also shown that the sun is the main driver of the temperature changes in the earth, not carbon dioxide and that in fact it has been the sun causing the temperature rises on the planet due to the increase in solar flare activity on its surface. The flaring has now receeded hence why we experienced an extremely cold winter  2009, into 2010. This was amplified with the leaked Climategate emails which exposed the so called scientists who were providing the “global warming” data as liars to the fullest extreme. Take a look at this breakdown from Alex Jones when the Climategate scandal was fresh off the presses:

Let us also take a quick look at a street debate between Christopher Monckton who would be labelled as a “climate change skeptic” by the mainstream media for asking simple questions and calling out the real data for what it really shows and a GreenPeace activist:

The main aim of pushing this agenda is to levy a tax on CO2, a harmless gas which humans breathe out, plants breathe in and convert to oxygen which in turn they put out and we take in. Carbon is involved in nearly every activity know that man is involved in and so thus man would be taxed into oblivion in everything we do. The ultimate goal of this tax is to bankrupt society in order for the governments of the west to gain more control over the people. Third world nations will be exempt from paying this carbon tax. This is one of the biggest if not the biggest scam of the 21st century ever to be unleashed into the public arena. This is also part of the post industrial society program to move all industries to 3rd world countries while destroying the industrial foundations of the developed nations. This is an agenda being carried out, this is not incompetence or mistakes being made over and over. This normally is the hurdle many people cannot cross, the fact that there are wicked people in powerful positions of the western governments who want to utterly destroy the countries that they are in charge of. This denial is what has enabled this agenda to proceed forward largely unchallenged for so long.

THE ELITE – They are simply the super richest people on the planet who have decided that because they have the most money, that they should rule over those who have less. The wealth of the elite was in the millions in the 19th century so you can simply do the math and figure what kind of astronomical wealth they hold today. They have also decided that they wish to have the entire earth to themselves and have drawn up plans to depopulate the world by 80-90%. Lets have a look at some of the main pundits:

The British Royal Family(They Are Really Prussian/German)

Queen Beatrix Of The Netherlands!

Spain's Royal Family



Under these come the bankers and the the CEOs of the top financial institutions who receive their instructions from the royal political elite. Some of these faces should ring a bell:

David De Rothschild - Don't Let The Innocent Look Fool You, He Is one Of The Chief Proselytes Of the Carbon Tax And The Global Warming Hoax!

Notice the time displayed on his watch, close to 10 past 10. This is an illuminati symbol representing the open legs of a woman in freemasonry, the set square when correct side up, however he being the man the arms have been displayed upside down. Let us take a further look:

The Set Square And Compass Of Freemasonry!

The compass on top represents the man’s legs and the “G” is the point of copulation.

Jacob Rothschild - Your Carbon Tax Money Will Go Directly Through His Own Bank In Switzerland!

David Rockefeller, A Key Banker - The Man Who has Admitted In His Own Writings He Is Trying To Destroy The United States Financially.

These Elites merely place puppets called presidents and prime ministers into frontline positions to take the political heat of the agendas they are being ordered to carry out by these characters above. Leaders are SELECTED not elected. The impression of election is a mere illusion. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is just a controlled puppet, the same is the case for David Cameron, the prime minister of Britain and all other so called “leaders” of the world. The royal families of countries dictate down to the bankers and financial institutions who then dictate down to the politicians, presidents and prime ministers. Thanks to the internet, a large percentage of the public are beginning to awaken to where the true power lies and look past the puppets placed in front of them.

COST CUTS/COST CUTTING/SLASH/SLASHING – These terms means exactly what they say however as usual it is only the general public that feel the cuts and suffer at the slashes. This is always the case when the government gets involved in services or facilities. I have never understood why people complain when something they have received from the government is taken away from them like say a park, a youth center or benefits. The governments of the world have the right to take away anything that they have birthed. This is why they should never be involved in services, facilities or benefits in the first place. Governments should always be kept small and their only purpose should be to defend their country.

Big government always equates to big trouble. This simply has happened because the public have become like children, not wanting to face off real issues and only wanting to play with computers, ipads, iphones, xbox 360s, psps and other gadgets.There is no difference between a baby in a crib playing with a toy and a man/woman sitting on the bus or train interacting with their electronics, and you wonder why people cannot interact with each other anymore and cannot look you straight in the face when talking to you, they always must look past you or in a different direction as if they are on the run and looking out for the Gestapo. I challenge you when you travel out and about, watch and see how many people are listening to an ipad or on a phone texting or playing a game.

This is not the whole guide to what is occurring in our world, there are many other sources out there that can give you other pieces to the puzzle. Remember, the truth is like shattered glass, it has been scattered abroad, you will not find all of the truth in one place. Seeking the truth is a long journey, I am just doing my part to enlighten the people who want to know the truth to a piece of what they may not understand. I encourage folks to go to the following websites for more information:

www.infowars.com – Download free mp3s from this site!


www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com – Download free shows from this site !

4 thoughts on “Terms And Conditions, What They REALLY Mean – Part 2!

  1. Thank you for the list of websites. I’ve been surfing the webfor more information about certain truths that the mass media and governments have been hiding from the general public. However, I always seem to be late with certain events (eg. Oprah’s NWO agenda, Climategate, etc) because I refuse to watch TV anymore. Keep up the good work Verbs! You’re views and insight are greatly appreciated.


    • The sites I listed will give you a bulk crash course and bring you up to speed very quickly on the agendas/events you have mentioned and a lot more. I like yourself have put down the television for a while now. Once your eyes are opened and you begin to see the propaganda, programming and the lies, you are forced to make changes for the better. Your thanks are greatly appreciated, I will continue to do my part in exposing these satanic bums and what is really going on in this world.


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