Terms And Conditions – What They REALLY Mean!

As many people who are paying attention may have noticed that there are certain phrases, terms, words and slogans being pushed forward by the mainstream media in relation to these new times that we are being forcefully marched into, without our consent or our opinions being considered as to whether we desire to take part in this “transitional age” coming upon us. We have to remember that although we may think that we can look up these words and slogans in a dictionary to route out their meanings, the real meanings have been buried under the surface and the powers that be count on the majority of the public to only skim the surface, accept the first answer that they are given and return back to playing with their gadgets and their toys like babies. Let us have a look at some of these words, slogans, terms and phrases and I will attempt to breakdown their real meanings and their end result. Never forget that these terms only apply to us, not the politicians, major corporations and financial institutions, only we the “common people” are expected to suffer under these “measures”:

AUSTERITY/AUSTERITY MEASURES – Notice how many leaders recently have been stating that we are going to have to go into austerity to weather the economic “crisis”. This term means utter poverty, YOU living in a tent in a park or a piece of wasteland. No house, no car, no holidays, no luxuries, only government jobs, only the clothes on your back. You will be totally reliant on handouts and benefits from the government. If you do have a job, the pay will be rock bottom so as to ensure that you cannot get back to a decent standard of living. You will be living at a lower than basic standard. Let us take a glimpse at what kind of standard of living is coming to the west:

The Approaching Standard Of The West!


Welcome To Your "New" Home!

The Caption Says It All.

Most people still believe that this standard of living will not come to the west, think again. Tent cities are popping up all over the world. The ones who will be hit hardest are the ones who will remain in denial right until the bitter end.

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE – A central body that dictates policies, statutes, rules and laws to the entire world. Nation sovereignty will no more and nations will not be able to have a say in how their country is run…..ever. You will do as you are told by this central body, there will be absolutely no reasoning or debating with this body and any resistance to commands that are given out will be dealt with swiftly via execution. This central body will be in charge of everything in your country from food distribution to transportation…EVERYTHING. You will be ruled by this central power with a fist of iron, the jack booted police thugs will reinforce the rules of global governance if you step out of line. Your country will not be dealt with according to its needs but according to the programs of the central body. WHAT THE CENTRAL BODY DECIDES YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS  ACCORDING TO THE BODY’S AGENDA IS WHAT IT WILL GET, NOTHING MORE.

PEACE – The absolute absence of all resistance to this global diabolical scheme unfolding. Remember that the war is against YOU, not Osama Bin Laden hiding in a cave in Afghanistan as you are now beginning to find out. Any opposition to this evil plan must be stamped out and not be allowed to flourish. Contrary to what you may have thought, our definition of peace is very different from the controller’s definition. The US and UK governments are claiming that they are bringing peace to Afghanistan and Iraq. Peace in their eyes means war, total control, submission and the masses too poor to put up a fight against them.

SUSTAINABILITY/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – In order for the earth to survive and in order for development to take place, you cannot and must no longer remain on this planet, only the select few with trillions of pounds/dollars are worthy enough to “remain” and “take care” of any world issues. You may be called at any time to sacrifice yourself for the bigger cause ie the planet and you will be expected to do so, doing “your part” to contribute to the longevity of the planet.

WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER – This is simply an expansion of global governance to where you are expected as a country to take upon yourself the burdens of other nations, even if that requires that you suffer for them. Remember there are no national boundaries under a centralised base of power.

WAR ON TERROR – This is a war on YOU, the general public. I’m sure that you have noticed by now that it is YOUR rights that are being reduce and eroded due to some guy in a cave who alledgedly carried out the World Trade Center Attacks. You wouldn’t expect to be punished for another person’s crime but yet most people have submitted to having more of their freedoms taken away on behalf of someone else’s supposed shinanigans. When you actually stop and think about this, this rule of thumb doesn’t make any sense, why are you being penalised for another person’s actions? When people are in fear, most will submit to anything. The war on terror has always been against YOU, the elite controllers just needed to sell you on giving up some of your rights and 9/11 and 7/7 were the kick offs with the end goal being that you will have no rights. You cannot war against terror just like you cannot wage a war against air.

WAR ON DRUGS – This is simply a war against the drug lords who have decided to not launder their money through the government coffers in order for the government to off tap a portion. It is now common knowledge that the UK and US governments deal heavily, grow and ship in drugs from primary countries such as Afghanistan, Colombia and Peru. Any baron who carries out their own operation and does not give the government their “cut” is immediately targeted and arrested and in some cases assassinated. The governments of the world especially the UK and US would have to wage wars against themselves seeing that they ship in the majority of  drugs and narcotics. It has now come out that the UK and US troops are actually taking part in growing and guarding the opium poppies in Afghanistan, take a look:

Notice how the mainstream media tries to spin it as if it is a good thing and it is needed. Take a look also at this short bit of information:

BOOST – Whenever you see this word coupled with words like economy, market, stocks, jobs etc, do not be fooled. The only ones to ever see “boosts” in anything are the corporations and financial institutions of this world who also by the way orchestrate these “boosts” especially when there is extra money to be made. The boost is never seen down at the low level with the so called commoner. Do not be caught out and jaded when you hear this word mentioned.

COLLECTIVE/ISM/THE GROUP/TEAMWORK –  This is a wider expansion on the “we are all in it together” slogan. Your rights and thoughts as an individual cease to exist. You must now serve the group,  your thoughts and actions must always have the group in mind, not yourself only. A typical example of this is the police particularly in the west where they all behave in the same manner and all parrot the same propaganda to the public that they were given during their training. Individual thoughts and actions are not allowed under any circumstances under a collectivist system and will be dealt with severely as seen here in the film 1984 which I encourage people to watch who haven’t seen it. The film will give you a crash course in what is coming down the pike with the emergence of “global governance”:

POST INDUSTRIALISM – A system that gets rid of  a country’s own industries and exports those same industries abroad to other countries where the labour wages are much lower thus rendering your country an sole importer and a sitting duck for disaster having no more production capabilities thus leading to less jobs available and more unemployment. Is this beginning to look familiar in your country? In case you haven’t noticed, most of your products are now made in China, this is why goods do not last for long periods anymore and frequently have to be replaced. Check some random products around your home when you have a spare minute, you will see exactly what I am talking about.

ECO/GREEN/ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATION/ECO FRIENDLY – This movement’s whole agenda is to strip YOU of any rights to own private property and to have to seek the government for permits to carry out ANY work in and around your property, plain and simply put. The lower minions propagating this movement usually have no clue as to what this agenda is really all about. If this movement was run by the general public then it might have had more credibility, however whenever big corporations get involved in movements, know that there is a hidden motive which is not to your benefit. The end goal of this agenda also aims to remove from you the ability to be independent and self sufficient. The biggest contributor to the so called environmental movement is British Petroleum. Enough said.

NEW WORLD ORDER – This term encompasses all of the terms mention so far. A system in which your only purpose in life will be to work for and SERVE the state. You will receive weekly credits which you will not be able to save up, you will require government permission to have children. Sex will only be reserved for the “few of quality stock”. Anyone found pregnant will immediately be given a forced abortion(already happening in China under their one child policy). Your children will be raised during the day by the government who will indoctrinate and insert their values into them(technically this is already happening, it is called the school “education” system). You will receive no holidays/time off work, you will live in a dormitory where you will be surveilled, watched and listened to at all times via CCTV and microphones in your room. You will go to sleep and wake up when told, literally, the government will control every aspect of your life, EVERY ASPECT. Your entire life will be controlled by outside authorities. No free speech will be allowed, no opposition to this order and no “politically incorrect” views will be tolerated. For more of an insight, please watch the film 1984.

RAISING AWARENESS – Red flags should immediately go up when you hear this term. The question you need to ask immediately is why does my awareness need to be raised on this particular topic at this time? Put simply you are being downloaded with information and propaganda which will automatically route you into drawing the “right” conclusions that the agenda pushers want you to come to. Beware of this tactic as the real conclusions that should be drawn are often so far apart from the plastic distractionary trash conclusions that you would reach with the “updated” information that you downloaded. This tactic is often used also to distract and draw the public’s attention away from real issues. Remember that whatever you are being asked to raise your awareness on didn’t just pop up out of the blue, it was planned to be released at that particular time for a particular purpose, one piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle you could say. This is all part of the warfare being conducted on your mind.

OVERHAUL/REFORM/REBUILD – Whenever you hear these words, watch out. The governments of the world use these terms frequently. These words simply mean that whatever is good and functioning well with no problems is going to be smashed to pieces and reshaped into something that will not work and be worse than what stood prior. A classic example of this is the National Health Service in the UK. 30 plus years ago it worked fine without any problems until Britain went to the IMF to borrow money because it was flat broke. With IMF loans to any country come conditions, one of the premier of which is services must be slashed. The first target of the IMF when they examine the financial books of a country is the health service, always without fail. As for the NHS, the rest is history, a sham doesn’t even describe what state the health service in the UK is in now. America is about to go through the same wave thanks to good old Barry Soetoro’s Health Care REFORM Bill which should be correctly renamed to read a Death Neglect Deconstruction Bill. Question, when has any government reformed anything to its improvement? It is my lifestime’s experience that governments have always made things worse without exception.

BIODIVERSITY – This term simply means to reduce the world human population in order to make more space available for more animals and plant life. The Elite banksters hold to the view that the world is overpopulated and therefore most of us must go in order to “lighten mother earth of her burden”. Normally coupled with this worldview are slogans that are repeated often to force through this agenda such as “man is a disease/virus/cancer on this planet” or “the problem with this planet is man” or “man is stripping the earth of its resources”. This agenda goes hand in hand with the green/eco agenda. In reality only a certain few men are stripping the earth for its resources in their lust for more wealth, power and control. If the elite wish to “save the earth”, they should start by getting rid of themselves off this planet.

ITS THE LAW – This phrase it what is called a mantra, an empty statement. The majority of laws that claim to be laws are not actually part of the law of the land, they are actually corporate policies. Acts and Statutes are not part of the law of the land called Common Law. Acts and Statutes are part of Admiralty law which is the law of the seas. Due to the fact that the public is never given a say in whether an Act or Statute should be approved, the fact that Acts and Statutes are never put through the courts for ratification and the fact that they are voted in by politicians/Parliament/congressmen and the senate, acts and statues can only be enforced via the consent of the governed(the people), in other words your consent is required to enforce these “policies” against you. Most of the time we are tricked into giving our consent via unknowingly contracting or we are placed in a catch 22 situation to where no other options are available to us. Again, punishments are executed not because the law has been broken but to keep the illusion of these policies pretending to be law in place, after all an act is also a play and an ACTor/ACTress is a man/woman who plays the part of another character, in other words a PRETENDER. Is the picture becoming clearer now? The bottom line is do not consent to any acts or statutes where ever possible.

EXPERTS/EXPERTS SAY – These so called “experts” are simply faces that are shown to the public to maintain the illusion that professionals are dealing with the world’s problems, the public needn’t concern themselves with these problems and they should just go back to playing with their gadgets, toys and enjoy themselves. To the average brainwashed man/woman the term automatically qualifies the person being shown to them rather than that man/woman proving his/her profession first before being allowed to use this word to his/her name. The majority of the time the only skills these so called “experts” have is convincing the public to stand down, to not take action themselves, to not get involved in issues which matter and to continue to focus on fluff and nonsense put out there by the same mainstream media pundit sorcerers. We also have to remember that a large number of the public cannot think or reason for themselves anymore and require these so called “experts” to do their thinking and reasoning for them on a daily basis. Has it worked? Indeed it has. The public today are more concerned with Lebron James, Linsey Lohan, sports, gossip, scandals and other pieces of mindless fluff than they are about the state of their countries.


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