Altering Public Perception, How It Is Done-Part 2!

Whenever you have a situation where only the law enforcement officials can carry weapons on the street to defend themselves from hostility, you are living in a tyranny and you are in serious danger. The right to defend one’s self is a God given right, not a right from the government to hand out here and there. Governments have gone well astray in times recent with the laws that they have and are now passing, however what did we expect from a mafia? A man/woman has a right to defend his/herself anywhere, whether it be in or around the home or on the street. The perception you are given is that you can only use limited force to neutralise an adversary. This “perception” is reinforced by punishment if you do not abide by the so called “laws” attached. Remember that these laws are man made, they are not holy ordinances handed down from heaven. Do not feel guilty in the slightest if you are forced to go against these “laws” especially if they clash or disagree with your God given rights which are higher than any laws man decides to pass.

The public of the west for the most part have been successfully domesticated. To domesticate a wild animal, say a boar, you build an enclosure and put some food therein at regular intervals daily. The boar will enter the enclosure for the food, at first with hesitation but over time it will enter without suspicion. Over time you can lock down the enclosure, still feeding the boar getting it used to your presence and gradually building up the boar’s trust of you. This is exactly what has happened to the dwellers of the west especially in the cities and large towns. It is not normal to go to conglomerates for your food and provisions ie, the supermarket. It is normal to grow and pick your own food from your own back garden or land mass or at least buy from your neighbour or a local small farmer or seller. Whenever you have a situation where you are reliant on big conglomerates for your food, know that you are in deep trouble. In the event of a shutdown of air, sea and road travel, the supermarkets have only 3 days stock of food, yes only 3 days worth. The public has been brought to this position of trust through mass advertising again altering your perception of how food should be obtained and causing you to put down your defences.

Remember in the previous post I talked about how the controllers employ techniques to eradicate the wild random actions men and women would normally carry out, in order to make them predictable. Now can you see that by selling the idea of the supermarket to the public, that they are all behaving in the same manner and predictability has been achieved? I recommend  breaking this habit by beginning to support your local farmer’s markets and begin to start buying from local farms and sellers on the street. Their food is normally much more fresh and hasn’t been exposed to as many pesticides as the supermarket stuff, if any at all. Remember that being predictable leaves you vulnerable and open to manipulation and control, right where you are wanted by the controllers of society.

Pubic perception recently has undergone a radical shift and change on how to view the earth with the much propagated “green movement” agenda being pushed to the forefront by the always willing prostitutes of the mainstream media. The propaganda scams about peak oil, saving the earth, global warming(note how the term has now been switched to “climate change”, of course the climate is always changing) and producing “greener energy” seemed to be going down well and smoothly with the public until the Climategate emails surfaced and blew all these charters out of the water, exposing them for the frauds that they were(google ‘Climategate’ for those not familiar with this scandal), not that many of us were not aware that the whole green movement was suspicious to begin with.

The green movement by pushed by the government has at least 5 objectives:

1. To reduce the world population through “austerity” measures sparked off by higher prices for fuel,energy, food and water.

2. To restrict travel and also to reduce the amount of cars on the road  to “essential vehicles” only(fire, ambulance, police etc).

3. To take away the individual’s right to own his/her own property.

4. To establish a form of earth worship.

5. To charge you for the air you breathe out via carbon taxes now being proposed worldwide.

Your mind is being bombarded with information daily to change your views on certain subjects in order to “line up with the politically correct views” even if they are wrong morally”. Be very cautious. In my next blog I will be going through some of the phrases, slogans, terms and words use to alter public perception and what they really mean. I will attempt to give you the simple answers and a straight to the point breakdown.

4 thoughts on “Altering Public Perception, How It Is Done-Part 2!

  1. Very interesting piece. I’ve been telling my mother about this new “green movement”, and how it’s being used to further an agenda to reduce the population. She hasn’t been to understanding of my stance however. But thank you for the information. *side note* This summer I grew my own veggies. They are so much more delicious than the veggies that I’ve bought in the past from the grocery store. I’ve been looking into veggies that I can grow as the temperature drops this coming fall… (We’ll see how that works out. Lol)


    • That is the way forward, organic produce and even better preferably your own. Self sufficiency and independence is the key to surviving the coming Road Warrior scenario which is going to roll out over the entire western world. You’re welcome, this information must be put out there. Those like yourself who want to know what is really going on in the world, this is for yourself and them.


  2. Love your blog. Thanks for giving the public this invaluable information! I wanted to add that here, in the states, a bill was recently passed that gives the government complete control over the food supply and any food you grow! I thinks it’s Bill 510 The Food Modernization Bill. Scary…


    • Thanks, your kind words are heart warming, I’m just doing my part and I am glad to.
      Yes, a alternative health food writer called Mike Adams who I’m sure you are familiar with broke it all down in one of his articles and has been following this beast of a bill for a while:

      To be honest, the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are all heading out of the frying pan and into the inferno. It is coming to the point where each individual is going to have to set their principles down, draw their line in the sand and defend their God given rights even if it means death. Not many patriots are willing address this side of the coin and when it is raised, it is deemed immediately as violence. Violence is an UNWARRANTED physical attack on a man/woman/group of people. Physically defending yourself from a tyrannical government is not violence, it is a God given right and an act of righteousness. Let us not forget that even Christ recognised that a time to use the sword would come(Luke 22:36-38).

      Those of us who know the Most High have no problems with this as we know we have something better to come and NO, there is nothing wrong with physical defence against evil, regardless of what form it comes in which includes corrupt governments. Going back to Mike Adams, in a recent article he made a hard hitting quote of truth. He said: “Evil must be MET WITH FORCE and then STOPPED COLD”. This is where most are afraid to tread. Most know that it will come down to a physical battle but most are afraid to talk about it. My line has been drawn for a while now. I will stand against evil and meet it head on by all and any means necessary.


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