Police, The New Gestapo And Mafia!

Governments spend countless millions on altering the perception of the public in relation to different areas of life. For example if a man/woman approaches a member of the public with a gun and demands money from them, they perceive correctly that they are being robbed. However if that same  man/woman were to  approach them in a uniform with a chequered hat or a golden badge and demand money from them, they would automatically perceive that this must be lawful. We have been trained from birth to obey authority figures without thinking and asking questions. Police programs are frequently aired on television to reinforce the conditioning/propaganda that we must submit to this person wearing a certain uniform, what they say is always correct, they can do no wrong and that they operate and uphold the law at all times. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality the police have now turned into a mafia and shake down the public for “protection racket” money all day everyday, the sooner people begin to shake the conditioning and see it for what it really is, the sooner police can be brought back into line and taught to serve the public again as was in times past. When a person is fined by police they are being robbed. If you then dispute the “racket fee” you are then referred to the “mob bosses” which are the courts. Police are no longer here to protect the people, their only interest is to protect and serve the corporate structure and generate revenue for it and themselves.

As you would have also seen as of late, police seem to allow crime to flourish and tend to arrest those who attempt to defend themselves and stand up against criminals. It is simply not in the police’s best interest to solve crime as that would then put them out of a profession. Also the police must protect the criminals and allow them a somewhat free reign as this also keeps them busy and ensures their future. When you or I attempt to defend ourselves from thugs or other low lifes, the police will come down harder on us as we would have now interfered with a under section of their mafia system and threatened their livelyhood.

Now things have really escalated and to show you the public that you are nothing but milkcows and bloodbags for this mafia to feed on, the government has now issued these thugs with tazer guns which is just a fancy name for a cattle prod(remember, your perception is being altered on all levels, at all times). You are now being taught to keep in line, had over your money or face electric torture and sometimes a bullet if you do not submit to this so called authority. We are also being conditioned(and our perceptions being altered again) to accept being taken away at any time against our will for whatever reason in the name of the law. In reality this is called kidnapping, straight up and down with no question. We knew what it was when dictators like Hitler and Stalin carried out these same acts. Can’t we see the same things emerging again, can’t we all see where all this is going? Most of us can’t due to the domestication process that has been worked on us from birth, the west is now a domesticated society. Here is an example of domesticated people who will just follow orders from tyrants with no question, is this you?

The reality is we have allowed things to get out of line and become acclimated to evil mainly because for the most part it hasn’t landed on our peronal doorstep yet. Do not think for a second that you will be able to slip through the net or hide under the radar under this new world order system which is emerging. This tyranny should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. It is now time to teach the governments of the world and the police that they are to serve the people and not the reverse. In reality, this 2 corporations have no intentions of giving up the power they have over the public( the power that you provide to them when you consent to their demands for “convenience” sake and to avoid the uncomfortable consequences of arrest and jail if you don’t). People must educate themselves on their rights as a sovereign man/woman and know that they are only bound by the laws of the land, not these corporate polices that are being forced upon us daily called Statutes and Acts, which indeed ARE NOT LAW and cannot be enforced upon a person without their CONSENT. We either wake up and and take out rights back by civil disobedience or this will be our end:

The people in America are the last bastion of hope as they still have their guns and can defend themselves against these types. People of America, do not allow the government to ever get hold of your guns, do not become sitting ducks like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada somewhat. Whenever the guns are only on one side, namely the police, know that you are in a tyranny and that trouble is around the corner, or maybe is already here?

One thought on “Police, The New Gestapo And Mafia!

  1. Can’t believe no one’s commented on this yet. I’m growing increasingly terrified. but thankfully I’m in the caribbean but things won’t remain safe here for long with continued political unrest and rising crime


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