Homosexuality, The Political Hot Potato Revisited!

It always seems that toward the destruction and end of a society when decadence really begins to take root, that homosexuality/lesbianism, pedophila and beastiality are normalised and accepted as kosher practices. I’ve yet to hear anything positive that these kind of lifestyles contribute to any society especially homosexuality. Frequently when I debate people on this topic, I commonly receive emotional knee jerk reactions rather than responses based upon factual information or knowledge. I recently debated a gentleman on the topic of whether homosexuals should be executed for their lifestyle practices in relation to a video on youtube showing 2 Iranian boys who were executed for practising homosexuality in Iran. Here is how some of the debate went:


It is appropriate to execute homosexuals for the cancers that they have brought upon societies. The Iranians have simply looked at what homosexuality has done to western societies and decided that they do not want the same dire consequences of a reprobate and decadent people. I for one would not have bothered with the torture and imprisonment beforehand, that was all unnecessary. A straight execution is the way to go for all sodomites and sodomite like activities.

Other Person:

When a society starts slaughtering its youth because the step out of line & hords of its people clammer to watch the spectical in a brutal ritual it is sickening. Homosexuals don’t chose to be how they are its just how it is, Its hard to imagine how a 15 & 16 YO are a treat to society just because they idulged in some juvinal sex with each other.


The observation factor is wisely done as a deterrent to others who may be thinking about carrying out these unnatural practices. A society that allows homosexuality to be the norm will quickly fall, no society can grow and be prosperous with homosexuals running rampant, look back in history at Rome, Greece and Egypt. There are no genetics to being homosexual, that myth was buried years ago. It is a LIFESTYLE CHOICE, nothing more nothing less and homosexuals know this full well.

Other Person:

And you know being homosexual is a life style choice because??
Who would chose to be hated so much by people they don’t know – people like you who want them dead ? why do so many homosexuals – up to 9 times – kill themseves in their youth? your logic does’nt make sense !


Homosexuals admit that it is a lifestyle choice themselves, though this was known all along when they attempted to play the gene card. The fact is it is not a natural process of life, we only need look at nature itself to determine this. What you referred to as “juvenile sex” is a destructive force that can quickly destroy a society if not stamped out. Also homosexuality contributes nothing positive to a society, all its effects are negative, disease, family unit failure etc. Also homosexuality is now being taught in schools as a normal alternative lifestyle. That is another reason why I know that it is a lifestyle choice.

Other Person:

homoseual is normal if your that way inclined – it’s just less common.


So having your life sliced in half is normal? Are you aware that the average age for homosexuals is 39-42 years of age in comparison to that of heterosexuals which is 70-75 years of age. Does that seem normal to you?

Other Person:

listen my friend one minute your stating homosexuals should be killed now your saying they die early anyway – why can’t you just leave them be and show them a bit of respect.


You cannot leave these kind of unnatural acts unchecked. This is not about respect, this is about dealing with a problem that is dangerous to any society. You cannot allow your emotions to get in the way of your judgement on this matter. Any acts which are a detriment to any society must be quickly stamped out before they consume it. As I stated before, the effects of the homosexual lifestyle on a society are all negative, they bring nothing positive to the table.

Other Person:

your posts suporting the exicution of homsexuals is disturbing – I can’t understand why you think its acceptable to spew out hatred for a minority group when you live in a multi cultural diverse society.


I’m up for the execution of any group which has a negative effect on society, we just so happen to be dealing with the homosexual topic here. I have yet to hear something positive that the homosexual lifestyle brings to the table. The fact is all it brings is great detriment and quick destruction to what ever society it infiltrates, check your history and look at the world today, nothing has changed in that respect. The difference between the various cultures exercised by different nations and the homosexual lifestyle is that homosexuality is being force induced onto school children as an ok alternative lifestyle. With an average age of half that of the heterosexual, that should raise some red flags, that the lifestyle is very dangerous physically.


In all the time I have debated on this topic, not one single person has been able to present a single positive contribution that homosexuality has brought to any society/community. One thing that really annoys me is the comparisons homosexuals frequently make as a so called minority group to black people and our struggle. Let me just make it clear that a sodomite can depart from his/her reprobate lifestyle at any time whereas a black person is stuck with their skin colour for life. I actually couldn’t believe it when one homosexual supporter I debated actually latched on to the civil rights movement as if blacks marching and catching a beatdown by police included the “rights” of the homosexual. The civil rights movement had nothing to do with sexual orientation, nothing. I have mentioned this fact before that the homosexual agenda is a selfish agenda, whereby only they can benefit from any ground they make with their “rights” on the flipside they can and frequently latch on to rights obtained by other groups as a means to launch themselves to higher ground.

I have also noticed that it is typically women who will come to the defence of this lifestyle, even though homosexuals hate women because they are both in competition for the same prey, men. They frequently will hang around women, observing their pulling and flurtatious techniques with men in order to refine and sharpen their own, and women still think it is cool to hang out with gay men, there are suckers born every minute, women are merely being used and they need to recognise this for what it is. You would think that women would click as to why they cannot find any REAL MEN thesedays, that they are being converted by the same predators who claim to want to be ” left alone”. It is not cool hanging out with that which is against you women.

The most concerning aspect of all of this and hot on the heels of homosexuality is pedophila, namely the sexual abuse of children which by the way politicians especially in Britain are lobbying to make legal. What kind of reprobate society have we become? Remember, evil triumphs when good men do nothing.

Check out these predators at work:

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  1. I’m against homosexuality but even I’m not up for the mass killing of them. Are you a religious person? I wanna see how your morals effect this.
    And by the way, this guy clearly needs to be shot, what was in that video was beyond disgusting.


    • I am coming at this from a christian perspective. To be honest though, a bible is not needed to merit whether homosexuality is natural, it clearly goes against the laws of nature and is incredibly destructive to those that take part in it despite their attempts to label the lifestyle as “gay”. There is nothing happy about that kind of lifestyle and honest homosexuals will admit to this.


      • Oh yeah, there are plenty of places in the bible where it says what to do about such people, gays, transvestites, ect. What im saying though is I couldnt cope with that blood on my hands


      • I would do it, I can get over that part later. Looking at our societies now, we can see what happens when we let homosexuality have a free reign in the world. Utter destruction and turmoil. We cannot say that God didn’t warn us of this.


  2. I’m at a loss of words right now. I usually agree with you on most of the comments that you make. You are extremely observant and intelligent. However, mass execution of all homosexuals? While reading your post, one thing kept coming to mind, my cousins. Without going into a lot of detail, they were bothed raped at an early age by their father. This DEPLORABLE abuse went on for years! Now, both of them lead a gay lifestyle, and I firmly believe that the abuse they suffered is the ONLY reason they lead this lifestyle (I remember both of them were attracted to females before the abuse began). So Verb… Are you saying that they should be executed for the sins of their father? And for all of the men and women that were tortured and raped at early ages only to grow up with sexual “demons”, warped and scarred minds… What about them? If you are basing your opinions on Christianity, where is the compassion? What about hate the sin, but love the sinner?


    • I understand what you are saying. In the west this form of punishment cannot be executed now as the moral standard is so warped, mudded and practically non existent in western society. Execution is far easier to carry out in countries where homosexuality has been outlawed from the beginning or at least for a long period of time. No, I do not think that your cousins should be executed because they now live in a society where this kind of lifestyle is enforced and encouraged, not shunned and spoken out against, so as far as they are concerned today, there is nothing wrong with being homosexual.

      In the west, the form of action to execute is to stand against the lifestyle/culture and expose the darkside of the homosexual lifestyle, something which most homosexuals do not like to talk about and try vehemently to oppose anyone who does attempt to speak out, even their own. To be honest from a christian perspective, I am out to teach and reach those who want to hear the truth, there are indeed some homosexuals who do not like the lifestyle and who are trying to look for a way out. I will reach out with compassion to those people, not the ones who are steadfast in the ways, know that they are bringing destruction with them, do not want to change and enjoy perpetuating the death, destruction and disease.

      Western societies have blown it, with wealth comes decadence, laziness and pride. They have allowed this homosexual movement to grow out of control. Had they looked back in history, they would have clearly seen that societies that allowed homosexuality to flourish came to a quick and tragic end, not one prospered and grew when homosexuality was normalised and now history is repeating itself again, we know how this book ends. I should have been more expansive in my position when writing this blog. My position still remains the same, that homosexuals should indeed be executed, however before the execution there must have been a foundation of prohibition laid down beforehand. Westernised countries simply do not have this so them adopting the death penalty for homosexual behaviour is not possible.


      • Aramis,

        Leviticus 18:22
        Leviticus 20:13
        1 Corinthians 6:9
        1 Timothy 1:10
        Romans 1:26-27

        Are you also forgetting that homosexuality was one of the chief reasons why Sodom and Gomorrah was burned down to the ground? Homosexuality gets absolutely no pass at all in the eyes of the Most High.


      • Leviticus 18:22
        Leviticus 20:13
        could mean a number of things because of different translations
        1 Corinthians 6:9
        1 Timothy 1:10
        has nothing about homosexuals
        again older translation says nothing about homosexuals
        Romans 1:26-27
        okay i can see why you may get that idea but they left their natural feeling for women. so that means they were probably doing some pagan sex thing(which was something frequent in those times)
        but sexuality is decided by hormone factors in the brain while still in the womb.


      • Aramis,

        You are simply talking out of your backside now, literally. A man shall not lie with another man as with a woman, how much plainer can you get than that? There is no “number of different things” to draw out from what is written, the text is clear. Both Leviticus 18 and Leviticus 20 solely deal with the dos and the do not of how men and women ought to conduct themselves sexually.

        1 Corinthians 6:9 and 1 Timothy 1:10 both mention “abusers of themselves with mankind”. That is referring to homosexual behaviour(note that the “mankind” word is mentioned yet again, the same word mentioned in Leviticus when dealing with homosexual behaviour).

        Your interpretation of Romans 1:26-27 is appalling and absolutely sloppy. The scriptures clearly describe the behaviour of turning away from the natural use of the opposite sex as “vile”.

        Homosexuality is a taught and learned behaviour aswell as a lifestyle choice. Even honest homosexuals themselves are not even subscribing to the tripe that you have written with regards to sexuality being determined by hormone factors in the womb.

        There is no science at all behind homosexual behaviour, this angle of attempting to justify homosexuality through genetics has been dead for a very long time because to date there is no real evidence that supports such a thesis.

        What will you be attempting to justify next, having sex with animals?


      • King James Bible Leviticus 18:22
        Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
        That to me sounds like it’s talking about orgies it doesn’t use singular form.
        If translated word for word, Leviticus 18:22 is roughly ‘And with mankind you shall not lie beds (plural noun) a woman/wife (singular noun).’

        1 Corinthians 6:9 King James Bible
        Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.
        1 Timothy 1:10 King James Bible
        For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.
        again the above phrases have nothing to to with homosexuality(not to mention it was paul who said it not the most high Yeshua).

        Romans 1:26-27 King James Version
        26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
        27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
        There is no cultural, doctrinal , historical, linguistic, literary, religious idication, that Paul intended to blast lesbians and gays in Romans 1:26-27
        as for the science thing

        and no one said anything about having sex with animals, it seems like you to hate gay people even though nowhere in the new testiment doe the most high Yeshua speak out on it


      • Aramis,

        You coming here with your new age institutional church beast infrastructure nonsense, it simply will not fly here. Your problem is that you have been listening to too many janky preachers, some of whom have an agenda to push homosexuality into being accepted as a normal part of life. You are coming at me with somebody else’s interpretation. Mankind is talking about the male and womankind is talking about the female, this is so obvious. The bible does not support homosexuality though in 2014 homosexuals are trying their best to make themselves look acceptable in the eyes of the Most High via defective interpretations of plainly read verses.

        Since you want to mention Christ, wasn’t it Christ who reiterated the fact that the Most High made them MALE AND FEMALE and he further went on to state that for this cause a MAN(male)shall leave his father(male)and mother(female)and shall cleave unto his wife(female)and they shall become one flesh? The father and the mother, male and female and the son joining together with his wife, male and female again.

        The order of things is male and female joining together by default. Homosexuality is a dysfunctional lifestyle because it takes both sexes away from their primary functions, which is to keep their lineage and their family trees going. You don’t even require a bible to illustrate the dysfunctionality natures of homosexuality and lesbianism.

        Paul stated that two men together and two women together was “vile behaviour”, end of story. If you want to indulge in a vile and dysfunctional lifestyle then enjoy yourself, however don’t implicate the Most High as now somehow having accepted homosexuality because he hasn’t.

        On the link, I cannot believe that you are attempting to quote Kinsey, this is the same homosexual deviant who would sexually abuse children, time how long it took them to scream and thus regard their screams in pain as orgasms. Kinsey’s so called “sexual science” has been debunked and buried over and over again, all of his so called “sexual experiments” were flawed and rigged. I suggest that you watch a documentary called The Kinsey Syndrome and get up to date on the latest research on that character. You can find that documentary on youtube.

        Like I stated before there is no modern day science that supports the homosexuality being linked to genetics thesis, NONE. Also no, homosexuals will not be accepted by the Most High in their homosexual state and they certainly will not enter the kingdom of God either, regardless of what these jack legged pastors and preachers say.

        I have a problem with all behaviours that are dysfunctional that are pushed in my face and presented as if they are normal. Homosexuality is a dysfunctional and reprobate lifestyle that brings absolutely no benefits to anybody, there is no circumventing around this. Christ says repent of your evil ways, you say homosexuality can get a pass????


      • oh come on “new age church beast infrastructure”. Please, I dont listen to preachers. The only one that guides me is the most high YAH, I don’t trust the religious leaders and I don’t trust the church because Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life.
        Yeshua talked about man and woman because that is how it was in the beginning, yes, but he also talked about loving everyone and to pass that love around. that is what needs to happen, even when I was agnostic I didn’t much care for gays but through Christ and science I found my fault. The act of encouraging pedophiles to rape innocent babies and toddlers in the names of “science” offends. The act of protecting them from prosecution offends. The act of falsifying research findings which, in turn, open the floodgates for the sexual abuse of children, offends. (from Dr. Laura’s (Schlesinger) website).
        and you’re right I don’t think genes have anything to do with it either but recent study about hormones and sexuality says that hormones are apart of the process. The most high gave us the capacity for scientific method for a reason.
        1 Corinthians 6:19 King James Version (KJV)
        19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
        And we are unified in Christ
        Ephesians 2:14 King James Version (KJV)
        14 For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us;
        and he loves all of his creations
        God is love and love worketh no ill. “God is love.” 1 John 4:8. “Love worketh no ill.” Rom. 13:10. God’s nature is the very essence of benevolence. If love worketh no ill, God can work no ill.


      • Aramis,

        How can you say that you don’t follow religious leaders yet you uphold the same doctrines many of them are now beginning to subscribe to when it comes down to homosexuals?

        No, no, this is why I said to you before that you were rattling off nonsense, Christ never talked about “loving everyone and passing the love around”, what scriptures are these, I would like to see them.

        Male and female is the order, there is no way around this. This order is for the purposes of unification and procreation between men and women and that is exactly what Christ was eluding to.

        Homosexuality brings nothing positive to a community, a society or a people, nothing. I cannot support dysfunctional behaviour that is detrimental to the human race as a whole. I don’t have any problems talking to and conversing with homosexuals, however I will not support the lifestyle, that is where the buck stops for me, not to mention the fact that this kind of lifestyle is condemned within the scriptures.

        God is love however love cannot and is not always presented in a pleasant form. Parents love their children despite the fact that they have to discipline them sometimes which to the child or an outside observer may seem like harsh treatment.

        The unification in Christ does not include homosexuals and other reprobates, the unity is dealing with those who have truly submitted to the Most High. Homosexuals in general hate the Most High, his creation and the order that he created and this is the main reason why they proudly rail against his laws through their decadent living. Don’t believe me, talk to homosexuals and lesbians about the Most High and his love and see what type of response you receive.


      • okay you have your thoughts and I have mine.
        but the truth will be revealed one day.

        much peace


  3. Thank you for the clarification on your stance. I wholeheartedly believe that a society which goes against God’s Laws and actively supports and encourages all sorts of deviant behaviours, is doomed for destruction. So with the media pushing the “gay agenda”, and with so many buying into it, the end is near. Things have gotten to the point (almost) that the heterosexual is a dying breed. My personal opinion is that the plan is to make the traditional family unit extinct.

    Verbs, after making my comment yesterday, I did a little reading on the topic of executing homosexuals. What I found was that in ancient times, in order for a homosexual to executed, there were some stipulations. First the two men had to be caught in the act of intercourse by two witnesses. These two witnesses had to have given these men prior warnings that homosexuality was forbidden and against God’s Word. The two men needed to acknowledge the sin, but went on and willfully carried that sin out. I bought all of that up to say that it jibes with your stance that it is necessary for there to be prohibitions put in place prior.


    • That is true, I believe adultery had some similar stipulations to it also. Homosexuality was actually outlawed in the UK and up until then this place was a reasonable country to live in. But since it has been legalised this place has been spiralling down the toilet but what would be expected, history has shown us what happens when this culture is loosened from the restraining chains of high morality.

      Your opinion on what end result the powers that be want for the family unit is supported by their own books and white papers, yes they have stated that in order to bring in their new world system the old system must be destroyed, with the family unit(man,woman and child) on the top of their destruction list. They know that the family unit is the fabric and foundation of a society so they have thrown everything at this foundation to destroy it. Free sex, homosexuality, contraception and abortion were the main movements pushed to the forefront in the 1960s in order to compromise the family unit.

      By the elite destroying the family unit government can then talk down directly to people without any interference, hinderance or resisitance. This is a truly evil work that this scally wags have carried out however they will pay for their crimes in full. What I truly despise is the fact that your opinion on this topic mustn’t clash with the accepted societal status quo or you automatically have the usual labels thrown at you. The new world order plan is indeed working, individuals who think for themselves are being phased out by the brainwashed public exercising the social disapproval technique that was uploaded into them via the media. I for one do not like what humanity has turned into and I certainly know and do not like where all this is going.


  4. I dont believe homosexually is a choice. I do believe that something had to happen or something is wrong with them internally that makes them the way they are. One thing i dont understand is how so many young people, who never had sex or have been with anyone of the opposite sex, can say they are homosexual and choose to be with someone of the same sex. Should homosexuals be executed? Well, should fornicators and those who commit adultery be executed as well? Should a person who sins or break any law, no matter how small or big it seems, be executed. If that happens, we’re all dead.


    • The problem today is that children are being taught that this is a normal form of behaviour so they know no better. The moral standard has been so muddied especially in the west, that getting to the point of execution would have to be done in many, many stages. Once the Most High establishes his reign in the earth again then we will return to that kind of behaviour being dealt with harshly outright with no questions. For now though, it is all about educating children that this lifestyle is not normal and that there are seriously dire consequences for taking that road that the homosexual community seem very reluctant to talk about. The way I deal with homosexuals these days is I ask them to name something positive that the homosexual lifestyle itself contributes to a society or community. I have yet to receive an answer.


  5. I personally cannot bring myself to hang with homosexuals. First of all what they do is straight perverted. The only type of true sex is the sex in which there can be procreation. The acts of homosexuals are acts of depravity and those who condone it are just as evil. Humans were commanded to be fruitful and multiply however what can come from a homosexual?

    There is also the transference of this spirit onto the individual who hangs with a homosexual. Although they may not act on it there is still the soul tie. People will condemn any other sin but this one. However, the sin of homosexuality breaks down the family unit. I believe it is this same perverse spirit that has women nowadays performing oral/anal sex instead of allowing use of their bodies way they were made.

    Men are now thinking it is okay to have sex with men as long as they are the ones doing the penetration. I am appalled how many older women have tried to convince me that their is nothing wrong with gay young men.

    I defend the institution of marriage as God intended. I know Yhvh is not pleased how man and woman have made a mockery of marriage by “marrying” (getting a piece of paper for all kinds of wrong reason i.e. monetary gain) but surely the Lord is disgusted by how “Christians” defend perversion. There are church where homosexuals are given leadership positions while those who don’t “tithe” are told to sit down from leadership roles.

    As far as a person insinuating that homosexuals are “born that way” I know it is false. I had a friend in high school who went off to college and experimented with lesbianism because she was weak minded. She now is walking in the lifestyle but acknowledges it as a choice. Although we no longer hang together I had to find out why she changed over and she merely told me she was sick of men. ?????? So now she is a bitter broken confused shell of a woman who is allowing herself to be abused by other broken confused women masquerading as men. Homosexuality has to do with someone attempting to circumvent God’s plan. Although I acknowledge that a lot of homosexuals have a spirit imparted onto them through abuse, that spirit must be rebuked and not entertained. Why would a man subject himself to a homosexual lifestyle after having such abuse force on him? Why would a woman think another woman can be a substitute for submission to a Godly man? Nothing but demonology at its worst. We were warned of this by scriptures but to actually see scripture manifested is something else.

    Stay Blessed My Brother!!!


    • The homosexual issue is really a hot potato that most dare not to venture into and talk about. I must admit that the Most High since I first blogged this post has shown me that in many cases, it is not as easy as turning off a switch and repenting. The whole process from first acknowledging that the lifestyle is wrong, to tracing back the events in one’s past that has brought a person to the lifestyle, to forgiving the other people involved, namely the abuser, to the process of reversing and departing from homosexuality can take a long time in very many cases. Because of this I have a little more compassion on those who have derailed into that lifestyle from themselves being abused at least, as many of them are literally spellbound in a spiral in regards to the lifestyle and they have no idea as to why they cannot break free. The other problem we have today is this lifestyle is being promoted as normal to children and many children grow up knowing no better.

      I have to agree with you that the homosexual lifestyle breaks down the family unit and that is exactly why it was promoted and heavy funded to begin with and still is today. I personally do not have a problem with oral sex, I believe that it is within the boundaries of the lawful sex the Most High intended for couples. I also have a book at home which points out to possible references to oral sex in Song of Solomon, which when you read it is quite a sexually intimate book in certain parts. Not surprising really as the Most High invented sex to begin with so why wouldn’t he make mention of it? Anal sex however is a no no and that kind of sex is asking for anal cancer and other rectal disfunctions. I have heard many women say that many practice anal sex because there is supposed to be a G spot on the other side of the anus. How true that is I have no idea. Many men say that they like it because the anus is more constrictive than the vagina and thus adds to the pleasure.

      Gay men simply use straight women to watch and see what techniques they use to pick up and chat to men and the homosexuals go away and do the same. Homosexuals hate straight women because they both are after the same sex and lesbians hate straight men for the same reason. Women should be weary of homosexuals as they are part of the reason that good men are disappearing rapidly.

      This homosexual movement in the church is incredible and these homosexuals are getting brazen and attempting to use the scriptures to justify their position. God loves gays????? This is the problem with the European man, he is the only nation to feel the need to spread his decadent lifestyle to others by force. It is the European man primarily that has promoted homosexuality as a “normal alternative” lifestyle. I have been on a few gay church sites and they actually believe that the Most High is going to accept them in their decadent and reprobate state. Don’t even get me started on this tithing issue, that is another subject I am going to have to deal with up in here.

      Homosexuals need to stop being hypocritical, they say that they like men and hate women but yet the masculine homosexual male will go for another male who acts feminine. If they truly hate women then they need to go all the way and cut off completely any remnants, resemblances and remembrances to anything female. The same thing goes for lesbians, the masculine acting female will go for the feminine female and then on top of that the masculine acting female will use a instrument to penetrate her partner which resembles a man’s member. Lesbians in like manner if they truly hate men must put out of remembrance and completely out of sight anything to do with men and that includes inventing new instruments of pleasure.

      One of the many issue I have with the lifestyle is the fact that homosexuals and their advocates are teaching children that it is a normal alternative lifestyle when they know full well that it is far more dangerous to engage in homosexual acts than it is normal sex. Secondly, why are they force teaching 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds this? Answer, homosexuality is straight perversion and pedophila is not far behind on its coat tails.

      I agree with you, I also have compassion for those who have come to the acknowledgement that the lifestyle is wrong and are trying to change. I blame in part the institutional church for not offering up real solutions to begin with because it is a trojan horse and has no real solutions anyway and for beginning to give homosexuals a free pass into the so called church when the scriptures clearly state otherwise. We have to always remember that people are individuals and deal with trauma in different ways and in different lengths of time. For some it can take years to overcome the scars of abuse whereas others can ride through the pain and make a recovery within months.

      Ahayah Bless


  6. I am not attacking anyone but I know some people defend homosexuality because the homosexual is a victim of rape. However, I can speak first hand when I say that abuse in ones past does not equate demonic lifestyle choices in the present and future. Just because a woman is raped by her father it does not equate her becoming promiscuous. I know that if sin is confronted with kid gloves and not an iron fist, it destroys your life.


  7. Honestly Verbs, this post kinda hit home. Everyday I struggle with Bi-Sexual urges. When I was 6 years old I was molested by my male cousin 10 years my senior and around the same time I was introduced to pornography depicting heterosexual intercourse. Up to this day my parents know nothing. Sometimes the memories of the molestation would come back and I would envision scenarios involving my cousin and sometimes other men and other times I envision scenarios of myself with women, though I’ve never been in a relationship with either and certainly don’t want to be in a relationship with a man I’ve decided to remain celibate cause I don’t trust myself. Though I pray everyday for the most high to take away these sinful urges, the alternative of masturbation is kinda safe for me, atleast I get to relieve the tension without actually doing it… It’s tough I can tell you that. I’ve never told anyone this. so before you jump right off the bat and say “off with their heads” just remember there are many in my position who struggle with that sort of thing.. I’m very much happy being celibate atleast I don’t have to worry about the trials and tribulations that come with relationships…..


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The difference between yourself and others is that at least you realise that there is an issue here to be addressed in your life. The emotions, thoughts and urges that you are experiencing are typical of people who have been exposed to pornography or sexually molested at a young age. Most men who practice homosexuality believe that their behaviour is a normal part of life, mostly through mainstream media propaganda and the education that is taught to them via the government training camps called public schools.

      You are going to have to step out in faith and stop trying to over protect yourself, indeed these type of urges manifest themselves strongly and more frequently when pornography and masturbation are used as alternatives instead going out and attempting to form relationships. The Most High stated that it is not good that the man should be alone and he is so right about that statement too. William Morris also recognised this in some degree and made the profound statement that “fellowship is life”. You are most definitely making the situation worse by isolating yourself and you certainly are not built for a life of celibacy as clearly you still have high sexual urges and needs to be fulfilled which you satisfy through masturbation and pornography.

      The way forward to remedy these issues is prayer aswell and stepping out in boldness and forming relationships with women. The longer you keep yourself hidden and secluded using porn as your alternative is the worse the situation will become. Using porn as a crutch is so not a good idea, my suggestion is that you reduce its usage and replace that reduction with meeting a woman. Sex with a woman is far better than masturbating as at least you are engaging in a natural act. If possible you should find a woman with whom you can have sex with on a regular basis, this action would begin to restore a natural semblance of interacting with a female back in your life. I hope that this advice helps you.

      Most High Bless


      • Thank you verbs, however the stepping out in boldness is alot easier said than done, cause truth be told I’m not exactly the “most eligible bachelor” or the “sexiest man alive” or “the ideal mate” if you will, most women do not find me attractive and most of them where I live tend to favour the “bad boy” so no luck there for me at this point, maybe in the future if the most high wills it, most likely that may not be the case but then again we’ll never really know until…..


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        It is an authoritative man that women are really looking for, this is the reason why most most women gravitate towards the bad boys. Women in general are really looking to be lead, however feminism has taught women to instead wrestle with the man’s authority and leadership position. Looks are not really significant, if you demonstrate authority, you know yourself and are comfortable in that knowledge, women will automatically gravitate towards you with little to no effort on your part, good looks or no good looks. However, you have to start from somewhere and getting out past your bedroom is the starting point.



  8. Yesterday I was reading an article on MSN about this High School in Pennsylvania called Clay McGuffey’s High School, apparently this school has a Gay Straight Alliance Programme that teaches tolerance for gay students, now yesterday, this programme held a Day of Silence and some homophobic students decided to get together and host a protest holiday called Anti-Gay Day, they wore matching flannel shirts and went around the school sticking posters on gay students’ lockers and even drafted up a lynch-list, most likely a list of all the gay students whom they plan to do something very awful to. Also the Anti-Gay students even got into a fight with the Gay Straight Alliance members, and you even had teachers rushing out of the classrooms to tear down the Anti-Gay posters that were stuck on gay students’ lockers. You even had the wider school population protesting, holding signs reading “Stick With Love” and “It Gets Better”… I just gave you that little synopsis to echo the point you made in response to King of the Teddybears, about homosexuality being pushed through the school system. You can even read the article for yourself……..



    • Yanni Stalworth,

      Homosexuals and their advocates are some of the most intolerant people on the planet, I’m simply not interested in the dysfunctional lifestyle of homosexuality, for this homosexuals will attempt to label me with the all too familiar buzzwords and slogans, homophobic, intolerant, bigoted, full of hate, ignorant etc.

      The quest for homosexuals to have everybody accept them and their lifestyle is unrealistic, I have friends who take part in hobbies and interests that I personally have no interest in myself, however they do not call me names and try to label me in a negative fashion because I do not like some of the things that they like.

      Be careful not to use their terms(homophobic, gay, bigot, hate, intolerant, ignorant etc) as this is in an indirect way of accepting homosexuals and what they do.


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