Decadent Societies And The Fruits Thereof.

I have recently come to the full realisation of just how bad people have sunk into the mire of evil consisting of all manner of pus, gangrene, wormwood and fungus. Most people have been corrupted by the mainstream media particularly through the main medium outlet called the television. The corruption has been slow and incremental, creeping up in totalitarian tiptoe steps, a little homosexual kiss here, a little small sex scene there, a little blood and guts everywhere. Now most of the world has fully embraced the filth culture that has been handed down to them by plan and the majority of these people love and embrace their cauldron of wickedness and will fight those who attempt to show them that what they have joined themselves to will destroy them in the end . Western society is gone folks and the sooner we face up to this fact is the sooner we can get active and awaken others who still hold to light and truth and pull them out of this black hole before it implodes for good.

The societies of the west are just full of pride, decadence and lazy slob tv heads jacked up on fluoride and food additives who sit around watching porn all day, eating fast food and playing with electronic gadgets, who also think it is cool not to care about important issues in the world or their fellow man, who giggle when you throw a seed of truth in their direction as if it is cool to be ignorant or get glazed over eyes(the “I’m lost get me out of here look”) when you start rattling off information that they haven’t been briefed on beforehand via the mainstream media outlets.

I for one stopped watching TV in 2003 because of all the slack nonsense it is showing today. I do not support or back anything which is destructive to a society whether it be homosexuality or no strings attached free sex. As you begin to discard of the moral compass in society, expect that society to fall to the darkside via a very slippery slope rapidly.

12 thoughts on “Decadent Societies And The Fruits Thereof.

  1. That was a nice read. I also saw what you said about Mr Lewis. Harsh, but correct.

    Do you a Twitter account to follow?, if not will visit this blog often to read your take on the world.


    • No twitter at the moment but maybe in the future. Thank you for the compliment. Someone has to speak up against what is going on.


  2. I agree with what your saying, but the question you should ask yourself, and the question that I am also asking myself is important. It’s “what am I doing to avoid being part of them”, “what am I doing that makes me different from them” It’s not good enough to just say “they’re rubbish” but you have to actively distance yourself from that also.


    • This is exactly correct, lifestyle changes must take place in order to distance yourself from the brainwashed masses and in order to clear your mind and renew it. The main thing is to not take things that you receive at face value, this is what most people do wrong. Everything a person receives must be investigated and verified. The second thing is to put down the mainstream media promoted decadent activities, recognise the pitfalls of false information by seeking alternative sources of news to get a balanced view point and do not under any circumstances trust the government. In a nutshell, do the opposite of the dumbed down masses and you will be safe. Changes does not come over night, it has been an 11 year journey for me and I am still learning and making changes everyday, however a start must be made at some point to get the positive ball rolling in your favour.


  3. Then continue. I personally think that theres ALOT more to most of these news stories than we are told. Like the volcanic ash over Europe and the BP American oil spill.


    • A large military air force drill was being run during the time that planes were down involving high tech equipment which would have interfered with passenger plane equipment. Now that is something that the mainstream media never reported on. You got to love these tossers called the press, they either lie to you, spin information or withhold information.


  4. People often ask me how I stay informed because I too avoid television. I feel t.v for the most part is used to spread disinformation, perversion and waste precious time focusing on frivolousness. People will blindly set their children in front of a t.v. to watch a children show. I watched an episode of Sponge Bob some years ago when the revelation hit me that this show is being used to cast a homosexual spirit over the children (esp. the young men) who watch it. Although the creator denies this I sense otherwise.

    I decided to try to watch an episode of the show Spartacus. Wrong move! I was disgusted to find the show push nothing but orgies and murder. I have since sworn off tv again.

    The tv opens the home up to various spirits because people will sleep with this device on, leave it on while performing other tasks, and leave it on while they are away from home.

    The tv brings people/ activities in your home you would otherwise never allow in. I have been around parents who will watch illicit or violent shows with their children. I think it is very sad.

    Stay Blessed My Brother!!!


    • The television is one of if not the most sophisticated machines every created to be used in mass indoctrinating a large population at the same time. The only time I run across a television is if I am at work and if there is nobody else in the room, I switch it off immediately.

      Other than that I am most likely to run into a one eyed devil in live operation at a friend’s house. Folks just cannot do without this device. It is plain wrong to sit a child in front of that machine, though such is the way of the west and its backwards mentality.

      There is pure reprobation and decadence oozing from commercial television programming. You are spot on in relation to devilish spirits and them being invited into households via the crap that people enjoy watching. I do occasionally flick through the channels at work for a minute or two just to get an idea of how debased the next stage of programs have become and it is always as predicted, barrel bottom decadent filth and immoral reprobation.

      I only use my television to watch DVDs and even then, I do not watch them for entertainment purposes, I study the films to see what facts these elite satanic bums are trying to show me through fiction.

      Ahayah Bless


  5. My viewing fo television has greatly dropped over the years. I do have video games and dvds as alternatives to tv i also like sports. We have be bombarded with tv reality shows there are some i do watch like hoarders, but we’ve been hit with shows that are very narcissistic like the kardashians and things where people actually care about these peoples’ lives. I been mainly into learning about the truth and understand the illuminati and all that is evil behind the scenes in everything that is going on. So with evil all around us how do you live life, do you just deal with things and just let the spirit guide you while still educating yourself or do you try to avoid as much as possible altogether?


  6. Television is just pure crud to me now, if I do happen to glance at a television then it is at work and even then I will just watch to note what part of the nwo agenda the elite are trying to push onto the public next.

    You got it in one, you just allow the Spirit to guide you into all truth. This does two things, keeps you away from the lies and helps you eliminate the deception and lies already in your life that need getting rid of.

    I still watch dvds, but now I study the films to see what elements of predictive programme the public is being exposed to and what skullduggery they are attempting to work on my psyche now.

    Self education is of the upmost importance, this must never stop as this is part of your deprogramming and decontamination process. All these mindless programmes that the public are being rushed with is all part of the distraction process aswell as to prepare them for big brother’s iron boot stomping on their heads.

    Hebrews and gentiles in Christ are this world’s only hope of freedom, but as I spoke about in my Trigger Point post, humanity will turn against and attempt to kill their very saviours.


  7. I don’t watch TV at all. Too much corrupt programs and stupid reality TV shows. I have much better things to do with my time than watch TV. I love to write stories and hope for them to get published one day, if that ever happens. I really hope that happens.


  8. I hardly watch tv these days myself except maybe to watch Naruto, Justice League, NCIS and Law and Order SVU, everything else is just a bunch of ridiculous reality shows, and sports channels, my mother is addicted to Sports Centre, and constantly fawns over these basketball and NFL stars, like wtf… like one time she literally begged me to watch a basketball game with her on a mother’s day weekend I slept through most of it, cause I don’t like basketball and I could never understand the sport, same way whenever Sports Centre is on and she argues with the tv whenever someone makes a comment like for example Stephen A Smith (whom I absolutely dislike for some reason) and I just put on my headphones and listed to adele or whoever and just block her out, same way with my classmates at school talk about Arsenal and Manchester United and Liverpool and just mindless football games. and on top of that she’s obsessed with this new reality show black ink crew with a cast member this guy I can’t stand the sight of his face or the sound of his voice, another one is real housewives of atlanta, basketball wives, love and hip-hop with all these rachet women, in their weaves and perms, cussing, fight, getting into confrontations for no reason, basically grown women acting like school girls and children. As I child I use to live for tv as most children do but now I don’t really miss it that much


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